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As we get older, getting up and down the stairs can become more challenging. For some people, this can mean that they are confined to the ground floor of their home, but installing a stairlift dorset is one possible solution, which may not be as costly or complicated as you might think.

A straight stairlift dorset can often be delivered within a couple of days of ordering, and the actual installation can take just a couple of hours and makes very little mess. If you have a landing or a curved stairway the stairlift dorset will need to be custom built, so it will be more expensive, and probably require a longer installation time.

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The type of stairlift dorset that you will need will be dependent on the staircase on which the lift is to be fitted. The following looks at the types of stairlifts dorset available:

Curved Stairlifts Dorset

Straight Stairlifts Dorset

Stair Lifts Stafford Dorset

Installers and distributors

Installers and distributors of stairlifts dorset can be found in the phone book, and it is a good idea to get in touch with at least three so that you can consider the options and the different prices. The company will send a representative to your home to evaluate both the stairway and you, and your needs. Beware of an offer that is much cheaper than the competitors and do not feel pressured into making a decision immediately.

Stairlifts dorset have a seat which folds down, and you will need to able to get yourself onto and off of it. Some have swivel seats to make getting onto them easier, and these lock into place either sideways or some people prefer to be looking straight down the stairs. If you have trouble sitting down there are also stairlifts dorset where you just lean against a small pad and remain standing.

Constant Rate

All lifts have a seat belt fitted and if you are going to be using and operating the stairlift dorset unaided make sure that you can work both the belt buckle and the controls easily. Controls with larger levers are easier to manage if you have stiff joints in your hands and the representative should bring examples for you to try out.

Stairlifts dorset move at a slow constant rate, and some slow down even further when starting and stopping for a smoother more comfortable ride. Most have a sensor which detects if there is anything obstructing the stairway and the lift will come to a stop before colliding with it. Stairlifts dorset run on electricity, but they require very little power, and will probably add less the £10 to your yearly bill. They also have a built-in battery in case there is a power outage while you are using it.

Security feature

Some stairlifts dorset can be custom upholstered or painted to blend in with your home, and when they are not in use both the seat and the footrest fold up to so as not to obstruct the stairs.

Be sure to ask the representative what guarantee the stairlift dorset has, all have one year but some companies offer two. Also, enquire if there is a 24-hours emergency number should a problem arise and what would be the timespan for a mechanic to arrive to sort it out. Ask about the payments schedule and do not agree to paying in full until the stairlift dorset is installed and you are happy with it.

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